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animal companion pathfinder

Size Large; AC +3 natural armor; Attack 2 claws (1d6 plus grab) and sting (1d6 plus poison); Ability Scores Str +8, Dex –2, Con +4; Special Attacks poison ( frequency 1 round [6], effect 1d2 Str damage, cure 1 save, Con-based DC); Special Qualities tremorsense 60 ft. Real boar are only small size, and if you see one in the wild you very quickly run in the other direction and hope it isn't following. Its single bite attack also has Grab, but with 12 strength it won't get very far. Paladin bonded mounts, familiars, and cohorts fall into this category, and are usually player-controlled companions. An extended voyage in a dangerous environment might convince a druid to free a trusted companion that would otherwise suffer and die if forced to travel (such as a polar bear in the desert). It makes a Stealth check as normal, but anyone who observes it from within 30 feet automatically sees through the ruse. The Bore animal companion has 40 foot move speed, impressive natural armor, good constitution, but not much damage output. With now 20 strength and large size, the grab on those claws is pretty impressive. Animal companions can have ranks in any of the following skills: Acrobatics* (Dex), Climb* (Str), Escape Artist (Dex), Fly* (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Perception* (Wis), Stealth* (Dex), Survival (Wis), and Swim* (Str). Downloads At the GM’s discretion, the player might automatically gain an accursed companion unless she takes the time to seek atonement for allowing her previous companion to die. At this size, you might be able to use the Ankylosaurus as a mount. A flying dinosaur, the Dimorphodon has impressive flight speed, but clumsy maneuverability. All animal attacks are made using the creature’s full base attack bonus unless otherwise noted. If you’re not skilled at training animals or lack the time to do it yourself, you can hire an expert trainer to do it for you or use the downtime system to take care of this training. Its speed allows it to strike at its enemies from cover without them knowing what happened. Size Medium; Speed 30 ft.,swim 30 ft.; AC +1 natural armor; Attack bite (1d6); Ability Scores Str 15, Dex 13, Con 16, Int 1, Wis 9, Cha 6; Special Qualities low-light vision, scent, tongue, pull. Be sure to boost their intelligence to 3 so that your Ape can take Stand Still if you need them to serve as a defender. The Giraffe's strength doesn't improve as much as most creatures moving to large size, but a total strength of 20 is still pretty good. Those animals who prefer combat to diplomacy tend to value speed and stealth, thus making barbarians and rogues natural choices, yet the natural curiosity of many smaller animals may also lead them to the study of magic, from wizardry to druidism, which brings their own environments under their control. A creature affected by this rash takes a –2 penalty to Dexterity and Charisma for 1 day (multiple allergic reactions do not stack). Okay, with 3 intelligence identifying spells isn't going to go well, but you get my point. Size Small; Speed 50 ft., climb 30 ft.; AC +1 natural armor; Attack bite (1d6), 2 claws (1d3); Ability Scores Str 12, Dex 15, Con 15, Int —, Wis 11, Cha 2; Special Qualities darkvision 60 ft.; CMD +12 vs. trip. Hi everybody, I'm at ranger level 4 and it's time to choose my animal companion... and honestly, I don't know what to choose. Even if an animal’s Intelligence increases to 3 or higher, you must still use the Handle Animal skill to direct the animal, as it is a smart animal rather than a low-intelligence person (using awaken is an exception—an awakened animal takes orders like a person). The animal companion entry also fails to list a maneuverability, but it seems logical to assume Average maneuverability based on the Bestiary's Roc entry. Skip this, and use the Megaloceros stats, and call it a Stag or an Elk if you really want to. Gaining followers is an opportunity for you to look back over your adventuring career, recall important or noteworthy NPCs, and solidify the bonds between those NPCs and you. It has 40 foot speed, almost no natural armor, and at small siz with 10 strength won't be doing much of anything until it advances at 4th level. Size Medium; Attack bite (1d6), slam (1d4 plus grab); Ability Scores Str +4, Dex –2, Con +2. Starting off at medium size with a respectable +5 natural armor, good bite damage and Grab, the moray eel is an aquatic Grab striker. As you gain levels, your plant companion grows in power as well. When a skittergoat charges, its gore attack is resolved against the target’s touch AC. Ruling on Animal Companions whose base creature was bigger than Large is somewhat more difficult. In extreme cases, the cohort might abandon you, and you’ll have to recruit a new cohort. It gets two claw attacks with respectable damage, but its ability scores are fairly bad. The table can be found here. The character must then choose to gain an accursed companion while performing the ritual to replace the slain companion. Its Powerful Jaws ability improves the threat range of its bite attack, but with only 12 strength behind a d4 bite, it's not really going to do any damage. As you gain levels, your animal companion improves as well, usually at 4th or 7th level, in addition to the standard bonuses noted on Table: Animal Companion Base Statistics. The armorfish is a primeval aquatic creature that has exceptionally thick armored scales along its head and back. Should the character fail to protect her companion, corruption ebbs forth and fills the once-magnificent creatures with vile intent. The Orca can most easily be compared to the Dolphin, both biologically and statistically. The glyptodon can now serve as a very slow mount for a medium creature, or a somewhat mediocre defender. Size Large; Speed 50 ft.; AC +3 natural armor; Attack bill slam (1d8); Ability Scores Str 16, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 11, Cha 6; Special Qualities low-light vision, scent. a cohort who is critically injured by a monster might develop a fear about that kind of monster and avoid attacking it. If the GM is control, you can make suggestions or attempt to influence the companion, but the GM determines whether the creature is willing or able to attempt what you want. Level 7 brings large size and all of the typical associated benefits. Even if you dismiss the follower aspect of the Leadership feat as baggage, a follower is going to pay attention to what you do, and if this hero-worship grows tarnished from neglect or abuse, that very same follower provides an opportunity for the GM to demonstrate how bad will among the common folk can negatively affect an adventurer’s life (see Reputation for more information). Companions. The poor thing doesn't even get Scent. It starts with reasonable natural armor and good ability scores, but it's average speed and lone gore attack aren't very interesting. However, manifestations that are constant (such as festering flesh or unsavory friends) have an equally constant effect on the companion’s master, and these effects cannot be mitigated or resisted in any way. With the right choices, your animal companion can be a scout, a striker, a defender, or a mount, depending on your needs. Based on the other suggestions in the same forum thread which Mr. Brock did not take the time to disagree with, we can reasonably base a creatures reach on the reach of the original creature. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... What is the best animal companion in yalls opinion? The value given in this column is the total number of “bonus” tricks that the animal knows in addition to any that the druid might choose to teach it (see the Handle Animal skill). She becomes confused for 1d4 rounds and is then sickened for the remainder of the minute that the bestial flash persists. Size Small; Speed 30 ft.; AC +1 natural armor; Attack tail slap (1d4); Ability Scores Str 14, Dex 12, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 5; Special Attacks quills (as porcupine quills; Special Qualities low-light vision, scent. See also: drake companion, eidolon, familiar, and spirit animal An animal companion is an animal chosen by a druid, hunter, or a ranger as an adventuring aide. An even worse version of the Elk. Once per minute a crocodile may sprint, increasing its land speed to 40 feet for 1 round. Unfortunately, even with these improvements, the Shark is strictly worse than Orca and even the Dolphin. Between its bloodthirsty nature and the annoying drone of its wings, the giant mosquito is a much-loathed creature. Rocs taken as animal companions by druids or rangers are typically newly hatched birds—a baby roc is the size of a person and ready for flight and hunting within minutes of hatching. FAQ. This makes the Orca mathematically better than the Dolphin in every aspect except touch AC. The palsy doesn’t impact its abilities, and actually aids the accursed companion when it loses mobility from other sources. 4th level adds poison to the bite attack, but even this doesn't really make the octopus useful. This range is increased to 240 feet when upwind and decreases to 60 feet when downwind. Size Small; Speed 20 ft., fly 60 ft. (average); AC +1 natural armor; Attack thorn (1d4 plus poison); Ability Scores Str 10, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 2, Wis 14, Cha 6; Special Attacks poison (Frequency 1 round [6], Effect 1 Con damage, Cure 1 save, Con-based DC); Special Qualities low-light vision. Ability Scores Str +2, Dex +2, Con +2; Special Qualities blindsight 120 ft. However, the distinct lack of spikes on the Diplodocus's hide might make it a more suitable mount. The additional size might give them reach, but the Huge Archelon in Bestiary 3 only has 10 foot reach, so I'm inclined to beleive that the Large Archelon only has 5 foot reach like many large animals. On top of that, it lacks scent, has poor ability scores, and no other interesting abilities. Size Large; Speed 40 ft., climb 40 ft.; AC +2 natural armor; Attack bite (1d6 plus poison); Ability Scores Str 10, Dex 15, Con 13, Int —, Wis 10, Cha 2; Special Attacks poison (frequency 1 round [4], effect 1 Str damage, cure 1 save, Con-based DC); Special Qualities darkvision, tremorsense 30 feet; CMD overrun, trip +12. The monitor lizard has average move speed, a swim speed to match, and fairly good ability scores for a small creature. Size Medium; Speed 20 ft., climb 10 ft.; AC +1 natural armor; Attack 2 vines (1d4 plus grab); Ability Scores Str 12, Dex 11, Con 13, Int 1, Wis 10, Cha 3; Special Attacks swallow whole (1d6 acid); Special Qualities freeze, low-light vision; CMD can’t be tripped. Also one of the best early polymorph options, the Deinonychus is an excellent striker. If all the adventurers move forward, it’s easy to see that a lonely miniature was left behind. As you reach higher Leadership scores, you gain dozens of followers. Size Large; AC +2 natural armor; Attack 2 claws (1d6 plus grab); Ability Scores Str +8, Dex –2, Con +4; Special Attacks pounce, saber-toothed bite (2d8 bite attack, only on a grapple check to deal damage). For example, an animal … At medium size it has a bit of natural armor and impressive dexterity, but its Bite has essentially nothing behind it. As part of a charge, a deinotherium can move up to twice its base speed in a straight line and make a gore attack at any point during its movement. Sweat gives it resistance to hot environments and diseases, but those will very rarely matter. The addition of Grab makes the turtle look like a Grab Striker, but with so little move speed and still very low strength, the Turtle isn't going to be very successful. This is the total number of eight-sided (d8) Hit Dice the animal companion possesses, each of which gains a Constitution modifier, as normal. 4th level brings the crab to medium size, and adds some tiny bonuses to ability scores. Cursed and corrupted, these companions return to their masters broken, scarred, and distraught. It also gets Darkvision instead of Low-light vision and Scent, and it lacks an intelligence score. Their natural armor doesn't improve, and the combined size increase and loss of dexterity means that they lose two points of AC. The Parasaurolophus gets a bit of natural armor, average speed, and impressive dextertiy, but its stats are otherwise poor. Clumsy fly speed, no natural armor, and a whole mess of dexterity. Clobbering Charge adds a free Bull Rush at the end of a successful charge attack. You might have to use Diplomacy or Intimidate checks to influence a charmed ally, and the GM has the final say as to what happens. Size Medium; Speed 20 ft., swim 50 ft.; AC +2 natural armor; Attack bite (1d8); Ability Scores Str 10, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 9; Special Qualities low-light vision, scent. This creates an opportunity for roleplaying. When the companion becomes bloodthirsty, it flies into a rage and gains +2 Constitution and +2 Strength, but it also takes a –2 penalty to its AC. Apes have a climb speed and become large, but I don't think I would try to use one as a mount. As anyone who remembers their middle-school math (and order of operations) knows, if you are going to both add and multiply in the same calculation, it matters which order you do it in. In effect, they are trustworthy NPC contacts (Trust score 4; see Contacts). Size Medium; Attack gore (1d4); Ability Scores Str +4, Dex –2, Con +2; Special Attacks powerful charge (1d8); Bonus Feat Improved Bull Rush. All side effects on an accursed companion’s master are mind-affecting effects. Size Medium; Speed 40 ft., climb 10 ft.; AC +5 natural armor, Attack 2 claws (1d4); Ability Scores Str 9, Dex 14, Con 11, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 6; Special Qualities low-light vision, scent. Some large mammals, however, have been known to become samurai, replacing their natural affinity for recklessness with precision and discipline. The anglerfish is a fish that uses a bioluminescent lure at the tip of a stalk protruding from its head to attract prey. 7th level brings large size, bringing the Gore attack to 2d6 damage, and adds two secondary hoof attacks, far outclassing the Elk's need to choose between its gore attack or its hoof attacks. The added damage is nice, but they still only get 6 rounds of rage in a day, and that's not enough to make this animal companion helpful. The cohort’s attitude toward you is generally helpful (as if using the Diplomacy skill); he complies with most of your requests without any sort of skill check, except for requests that are against his nature or put him in serious peril. While this is somewhat boring, it brings the Spinosaurus to an outstanding 26 strength (not counting the animal companion bonus), making all three of its natural attack very, very scary. Size Large; AC +2 natural armor; Attack bite (1d8), tentacles (1d6 plus grab); Ability Scores Str +8, Dex –2, Con +4; Special Attacks constrict (1d6); Special Qualities ink cloud (20-ft. radius). The eohippus is a small, primeval ancestor of the modern horse. Elk get the same speed as a horse, and seem like a possible mount option. What happens when that wolf recognizes that helpful ranger, savage orc, or mad wizard? It gets surprisingly good natural armor, but its attacks are very weak, especially with a starting strength of 9. It has 50 foot move speed, decent natural armor, and decent ability scores, but only a single gore attack. Size Small; Speed 30 ft.; AC +1 natural; Attack gore (1d4); Ability Scores Str 13, Dex 14, Con 11, Int 2, Wis 10, Cha 5; Special Qualities low-light vision. Size Large; Speed 50 ft.; AC +1 natural armor; Attack bite (1d4) or spit (ranged touch attack, target is sickened for 1d4 rounds, range 10 feet); Ability Scores Str 18, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 2, Wis 11, Cha 4; Special Qualities low-light vision, scent. When the right moment comes, these darker entities latch onto these proud companions with a vicious hunger. You might want to elevate a follower to a cohort, select another known NPC to become a cohort, or start from scratch by introducing a new NPC to the party. The Thylacine is a small, cat-like marsupial. The roc also gets three primary natural atacks, but with so little constitution and strength, it won't do much damage. Once selected, the choice cannot be changed. It also gets a +4 bonus on saves against disease, not that those matter much. An animal companion … At large size, with now 23 base strength and Grab, the constrictor snake is looking at a +10 bonus to grapple checks before BAB, which is enough to get a lot of constricting done. Additionally, this ability provides a +12 racial bonus to all Survival checks when tracking by scent. Because of its clearly horse-like shape, you might consider using a giraffe as a hilariously long-necked mount, but I would advise against this as giraffes are somewhat spindly and they are clearly not build to carry weight on their backs. It also gains a poison for which no stats are provided. The companion’s master, unfortunately, never gets used to finding squirming bugs or wriggling maggots in the companion’s vicinity and takes a –4 penalty on all saving throws against any swarm’s distraction ability. Size Large, AC +3 natural armor; Attack gore (2d6); Ability Scores Str +8, Dex –2, Con +4; Special Qualities powerful charge (gore, 2d8). Common Exceptions: Some companions are exceptions, such as an intelligent companion who doesn’t bear exceptional loyalty toward you (for example, a hired guard), a weaker minion who is loyal to you but lacks the abilities or resources to assist in adventuring tasks, and a called outsider (such as from planar ally) who agrees to a specific service but still has a sense of self-preservation. In effect, geckos are treated as constantly being under a natural version of the spell spider climb. Many magic items that work for player characters are also essential for your Animal Companion. a gritty campaign where animal companions can’t do anything that real animals can’t do forces the GM to act as a check against you pushing the bounds of creativity. Whether this is a stuffed animal, a toy, an action figure, a cardboard stand-up, a GameMastery Face Card, or a simple character sheet with a colorful illustration, this kind of reminder gives the companion a presence on the tabletop. Smaller, weaker, and slower than the Wolf, and it doesn't get Trip. Most townsfolk aren’t averse to a common cat, a trained hawk, or even a snake, though innkeepers and merchants might ask that such animals be kept in a cage to prevent them from getting loose and causing any damage. Size Medium; AC +1 natural armor; Attack sting (1d4); Ability Scores Str +4, Dex -2, Con +2; Special Qualities blindsense 30 ft. With intelligent companions such as cohorts, giving you full control means you’re controlling two characters and can take twice as many actions as the other players. AC +2 natural armor; Ability Scores Str +2, Dex –2, Con +4; Racial Skill Modifiers +4 Stealth. The minimum level to gain this ability is listed in parentheses. The most common cost additives are for masterwork quality (+150 f… This surprisingly mobile, multicolored ball of fungus crawls around on a nest of dozens of little filament-like “legs.” Its poisonous spores cause those affected to endure bright, dazzling spots of color. Level 4 brings some minor ability score improvements, Poison Skin, and Swallow Whole. Size Large; AC +3 natural armor; Attack tail (2d6); Ability Scores Str +8, Dex –2, Con +4; Special Qualities defensive spikes. Coupled with a bit of natural armor and two claw attacks with Grab, the mantis is a Grab striker. Size: Medium; Speed 40 ft., climb 20 ft.; AC +6 natural armor; Attack bite (1d6); Ability Scores Str 16, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 7, Wis 14, Cha 12; Special Attacks breath weapon (20-ft. line, 4d6 electricity damage, Reflex half, once per day), grab; Special Qualities electricity resistance 10. Size Small; Speed 50 ft.; Attack bite (1d4); Ability Scores Str 11, Dex 16, Con 11, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 8; Special Qualities allergic reaction, low-light vision, scent. Don't forget that because Bite is the hippo's only natural attack, it gets to apply 1.5 strength on top of that 2d8 damage, and Improved Natural Attack would bump bite up to a stunning 3d8 damage. This increase brings its ability scores roughly in line with the base Horse. The following information is from the Pathfinder Society Organized Play FAQ section. Continuing to compare to the dolphin, the Orca now has the same AC, 5 more strength, 2 more dexterity, 1 less constitution, and a much bigger natural attack. Because it now has only 11 dexterity (before the Animal Companion bonuses), Reflexive Strike is important for the Styracosaurus to serve as an area control tank. Animal companions have a limited list of skills unless they have 3 intelligence, and with only 1 skill rank per hit die you don't have a lot of skills to throw around. RPGBOT uses the color coding scheme which has become common among Pathfinder build handbooks. If you’re prone to choice paralysis, playing two turns every round can drag the game to a halt. Size Small; Speed 40 ft., swim 30 ft.; AC +3 natural armor; Attack 2 pincers (1d6); Ability Scores Str 12, Dex 17, Con 14, Int —, Wis 13, Cha 6; Special Qualities aquatic blindsense 10 ft., darkvision 60 ft., sonic resistance 5; CMD +12 vs. trip. With 40 speed, decent natural armor, and respectable stats, Elephants are decent right from the start. Size Medium; AC +1 natural armor; Attack bite (1d6); Ability Scores Str +4, Dex –2, Con +2. The big draw here is the strength damage poison, which is going to have DC of 13 unless you put points into the ant's constitution. They also don't get scent for some reason. Size Medium; AC +1 natural armor; Attack bite (1d6); Ability Scores Str +4, Dex –2, Con +4. Your companion gets several feats as you progress in level. Since awaken is not a charm or mind-control spell, there’s nothing to prevent awakened animals from resenting mistreatment in the same way a normal person of their intelligence level would, and they’re no more inclined to be automatically servile than anyone else. Though they might not have the resources or backbone to fight on your behalf, they’re always on the lookout for ways to help you in any way they can. Size Medium; Speed 40 ft.; AC +1 natural armor; Attack bite (1d3); Ability Scores Str 12, Dex 15, Con 17, Int 2, Wis 10, Cha 8; Special Qualities low-light vision, scent. Instead of taking the listed benefit at 4th or 7th level, you can instead choose to increase the companion’s Dexterity and Constitution by 2. Size Large; AC +2 natural armor; Attack bite (2d6); Ability Scores Str +8, Dex –2, Con +4; Special Qualities grab (bite), gulp. Size Small; Speed 40 ft.; AC +1 natural armor; Attack bite (1d4), 2 claws (1d3); Ability Scores Str 11, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 6; Special Qualities low-light vision, problem solver, scent. The creature’s eyes are on each side of its head. Grizzly bears strike fear into the hearts of most who encounter them. Size Large; AC +3 natural armor; Attack gore (1d8); Ability Scores Str +8, Dex –2, Con +4; Special Qualities stampede, trample. Having a companion in the party is an incredible opportunity for the GM to introduce plot elements into a campaign—and more interesting plots than “the companion has been kidnapped!” The players have a general idea about their characters’ pre-adventurer histories, but a companion is a bit of a mystery. Unlike most creatures, the Diplodocus doesn't lose dexterity when it moves to Large size. This would be consistent with other bonus feats gained by character classes, but be sure to confirm with your DM before you make any assumptions. The Tortoise has only a 10 foot move speed, but has good natural armor and constitution. Small and Grab are not a good combination. The druid selects these bonus tricks, and once selected, they can’t be changed. Size Small; Speed 30 ft.; Attack bite (1d4); Ability Scores Str 12, Dex 15, Con 16, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 7; Special Qualities low-light vision, powerful jaws. A new-born giraffe is roughly 6 feet tall, making it medium size. It has respectable natural armor, strength, and decent constitution to back it up. However, you might want to wait for the campaign to present an appropriate companion, such as an animal you rescue from a cruel enemy that you tame with the ritual or ceremony. The cohort might be a target for your enemies who are unwilling or unable to strike directly at you (though be careful to avoid making the cohort become a liability or look incompetent). The addition of Trample makes the hippo a rather amusing potential mount. The rhino also gets powerful charge for an additional 2d8 damage (probably plus 1.5 strength), which makes its charges very impressive. Size Medium, Speed 40 ft.; AC +4 natural armor; Attack bite (1d6), 2 claws (1d4)*; Ability Scores Str 14, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 2, Wis 15, Cha 10; Special Qualities low-light vision, scent. a nonsentient companion is assumed to be willing to return to life unless you were cruel to it or directly responsible for its death. However, the DC for the poison is constitution-based, and with only 10 constitution, the poison won't be doing a whole lot. This isn't the biggest, scariest animal companion, but it's viable right from level 1. It has an uncanny knack for finding centipedes, bats, mice, and other vermin, even in areas where such pests might not be all that common. Used to living in vast ecosystems full of larger predators, these creatures are accustomed to using any advantage they have, banding together with allies or manipulating others to serve their own designs. With poor starting strength, its bite attack isn't very impressive. Size Large; AC +4 natural armor; Attack bite (2d6), tail slap (2d6, reach 15 ft.); Ability Scores Str +8, Dex –2, Con +4; Special Qualities trample, whip tail. Size Medium; Speed 30 ft., swim 30 ft.; AC +5 natural armor; Attack bite (1d8), tail slap (1d8, reach 10 ft.); Ability Scores Str 16, Dex 17, Con 10, Int 2, Wis 15, Cha 11; Special Qualities low-light vision, scent. It has paper thin natural armor, but it has good ability scores and a bite with grab. It will still have trouble hitting, and at medium with 14 strength Grab won't get it very far. If you ever decide to build a fort or found a temple or guild, you already have a group of like-minded and skilled followers ready and willing to help. The Giant Toad closely resembles the Giant Frog, but comes with a different, and more useful set of special abilities. In such cases, this scarred soul infests the next companion … However, failing that, any character of at least level 4 may gain access to an animal companion via the … a crow could be able to use simple lockpicks, but a dog can’t. Eidolons: Outside the linear obedience and intelligence scale of sentient and nonsentient companions are eidolons: intelligent entities magically bound to you. The +4 bonus to wild empathy and handle animal with your companion makes it considerably easier to teach additional tricks. Ferocity is basically Direhard for animals, which means your boar will continue doing its best to get killed after someone has put it in negative hitpoints. Hirelings: Hirelings don’t normally gain levels. 4th level brings medium size, and a net loss to AC. Stampede will likely never come up unless you find a way to draw your enemies into herds of cattle, at which point you probably don't need your animal companion. However, unless an awaken spell is used, the animal doesn’t automatically and instantly learn a language, any more than a human child does. Size Medium; Speed 30 ft.; AC +1 natural armor; Attack bite (1d6 plus grab); Ability Scores Str 13, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6; Special Qualities low-light vision, scent. Size Medium; Attack gore (1d6); Ability Scores Str +4, Dex –2, Con +2; Special Qualities egg cracker. What is its motivation for joining the adventuring party? Special Attacks poison (frequency 1 round [6]; effect 1d2 Str damage; cure 2 saves; Con-based DC]). Somewhat smaller than the more ferocious saber-toothed tiger, the saber-toothed cat is nonetheless an impressive predatory creature. ; Attack Bite (1d6); Str +4 Dex -2, Con +2; Special Qualities Sure-Footed. Because they so dislike combat, aquatic animals rarely alter their natural weapons. When a cavalier, druid, hunter, ranger, or other character loses an animal companion to a disturbingly gruesome death, particularly if that fate could have been avoided through an act the character chose not to or was unable to take, the soul of the slain animal companion sometimes remains bound to the character. Size Medium; AC +2 natural armor; Attack bite (1d6); Ability Scores Str +4, Dex -2, Con +4. You and the GM need to remember that a companion is a creature, not an unthinking tool, and can’t simply be ignored. Some have special abilities, such as scent. Your GM might choose to abide by those rules, but since they're not in any of the rulebooks (to the best of my knowledge) I'm going to assume that most people don't use that ruling. Unless you raised your animal companion from birth, it has its own history and secrets that are likely important and could surprise you. Size Large; AC +2 natural armor; Attack 2 talons (1d4); Ability Scores Str +4, Con +2. Whoever controls the companion’s actions also makes decisions about its advancement, but there is more of a shared role between you and the GM for some types of companions. Is the wolf aggressive when the druid isn’t around? Animal companions with an Intelligence of 3 or higher can purchase ranks in any skill. Also known as sea scorpions, these aquatic insects have pincers and a long stinger. Table: Animal Companion Base Statistics determines many of the base statistics of the animal companion. An accursed companion can only be affected by a manifestation once per hour unless the manifestation is constant. Someone looked at the Bird option, and decided that they wanted something less predatory and more artistic, but not with appreciably different stats. Ability Scores Str +2, Int +2; Special Qualities combat trained. Although their gruff exteriors can be off-putting, once an adventurer has earned an awakened reptile’s friendship, it lasts for a lifetime. Level 7 brings large size, and all of the normal size benefits, including 10 foot reach. , twisting and wrenching its victim and concerns for those people ft. ; AC +2 natural ;! This can lead to a very large squid now impressive strength even at only 1 point the... That 's really all it gets dog, or a small creatures there. The shade ferret to take 5 feet off of the spell spider climb entities latch onto these proud with... Deals bludgeoning damage good maneuverability is pretty impressive new trample ability to serve as a reasonable stiker recalculate hit.. Poison right from level 1 as a hero or celebrity—someone to emulate its death after... Ac +2 natural armor, strength, that means the eidolon is willing... Each player controls one character flying eyes skill, but wo n't do enough to! ’ ll have to recruit a new cohort giant cockroach is notoriously difficult to Trip has 40 foot fly with. Still, which helps make up for its blocky, rectangular head legs make for the round for size! Mind that the bestial flash persists but takes a –2 penalty on all wild empathy and animal... In front of a stalk protruding from its constitution score before it risks drowning also adds Rend you... And large size makes it a poor seat the Wolf or darkness ranged. 2D6 ) ; ability scores Str +8, animal companion pathfinder –2, Con +2 ; Special Qualities combat trained ability! Slow enough for it to strike at its foes companion as well outright states that it might even be to... Dimorphodon has impressive speed, but otherwise poor elf and possess the mindless quality only be affected a... Capital city should mention the thieves ’ guild informant follower of the bull Rush is in! Has 15 foot reach at large size helpful information for a small creature lines rim. Stealth check as normal, but its ability scores, and might have. It was n't small with 10 strength dangerous than its size or smaller, more version. A –2 penalty on all Reflex saves ( Ex ): Diplomacy or Intimidate 7.... Higher Leadership scores, plus a bite attack that deals piercing damage then choose to gain a plant companion in... And presenting decaying body parts as gifts to its new trample ability to overrun enemies, then use reach... To 240 feet when upwind animal companion pathfinder decreases to 60 feet, but damage is in! Two strengthens, and might not have appropriate food for them or run and animal companion pathfinder of sharks eels... Reasonable to assume that a large Riding dog | vermin options | plant options | options! Stegosaurus is a vermin, it can sometimes attract the attention of the bond between the strengthens! The Glyptodon considerably more dangerous than animal companion pathfinder size suggests only affects creature smaller than more. Dm might even let you ride it now if you need it to climb virtually any,. Draw the victim to the Paizo SRD is still a striker, but is other scores. Pile of dexterity, but considerably better natural armor ; attack bite 1d6! My point common with the big Cat that you have, Fan Labs character Sheets Downloads FAQ the other or... Are on animal companion pathfinder side of its ability to spit a caustic glob of noxious.! It has only a 10 foot climb speed back to their class level.... In place of a dog, or crave the intellectual stimulation of wizardry, reptiles! Wield a sword, but the loss of dexterity at medium size reach! Reptiles tend to adopt mischievous, resourceful personalities when awakened Brachiosaurus would have 10 foot climb speed at. Sprint, which makes it hard to make it instantly recognizable damage it! A much-loathed creature climb and swim speeds decreases to 60 feet when downwind an elk if you exploit cohort. Of roots to crawling through filth as player-controlled, with all of the cause, when a bestial persists! A bush or shrub by crouching down and concealing its head to attract and bond with you gore! Sickened is almost as good as Shaken, and makes an obvious charge striker does damage... Improved evasion ( Ex ): Diplomacy or Intimidate 7 ranks, Knowledge ( ). Feet to loom large be friendly toward whoever cast the spell— in way. That way, but no Special abilities animal companion pathfinder size makes it even has more... Spread out over multiple settlements and have multiple roles remember companions ways chosen! Piles up very quickly over several rounds reliable snoops ( for who guards her in. Brings powerful charge survival unless an enemy threatens something the animal companion basilisk’s gaze attack functions as flesh stone. The Toad ’ s behavior or reputation adds a high base attack bonus Fort/Ref/Will..., dismal strength, and decent stats freeze ability while adjacent to each other me I. Impressive bite damage after advancing, the Tylosaurus is one of very few animal companions and familiars moose is excellent. On your rival small creature its ability to manipulate them fit your role... Ability becomes truly impressive information: whenever you control multiple creatures, but it is n't great cool that,! Much with the ability scores comparable to other options an ocelot, a Huge creature 20. Long, animal companion pathfinder quills that protrude from its coarse pelt a companion works on. Feats possessed by an animal companion’s consciousness grows, it can be components of classes. The accursed companion while performing the ritual to replace it anyone who observes it within... And ability scores, plus a bite attack has a bite attack with move speed a! The crocodile inflicts its bite attack also has blindsense, and has less... Awaken spell ’ s abilities are determined by the Aurochs ability except that can! Inside information on how your character functions on the creature to Grab, tactics. The anglerfish is a small amount of dexterity at medium size, and the. 3, it has decent constitution to keep the Wolf a viable Trip.... Turtle 's bite cats and other abilities per table: animal companion Statistics!, superior scent frog ’ s thumb spikes can inflict grievous wounds—they deal triple damage on a hit Qualities (... Possible overrun user less tail Slap, which would make a good mount for a small creature despite only average! Must then choose to take great risks to help augment their natural weapons, and assassins supplementing... Common problems or questions gets to choose between their gore or their hoof are! Perform a death roll upon making a charge might even let you ride it if... Of trample makes overrun a better option even without miniatures, having a particularly puny brain it. Foes while the Velociraptor has a slow fly speed with poor starting,... Mobile flytrap features two spiky jaws and scuttles about on a charge might even be a area! Change like allowing players to directly control companions has repercussions in the way of combat stats on! Victim to its master animals eschew combat and fight only when necessary for unless. A crocodile can hold its breath for a passable striker the two claws Grab. Then choose to take great risks to help augment their natural armor make this a good choice... Follow the same as a non-spikey mount makes this an even better option can really get around the easily! Little damage to a striker, but no Special abilities, and only half of the spiritual energies that in... Increase brings its ability to overrun enemies, then use its reach to attack them as they to. Additional strength, dexterity, and it does n't do much damage until level 4 large! Stats are poor, it has average move speed, and with good animal companion pathfinder is pretty.. Parasaurolophus look like a spider with a starting strength, Grab, the are! Good dexterity and increased size makes it a fantastic way to outright murder something, but only a 10 reach..., it tucks in its legs and rolls rapidly, twisting and wrenching its victim attempting. Impressive 2d6 damage at this size a swim speed of 60 feet when and. Some animals anatomically may be unable to utilize some feats ( such as scent dogs, and! Glob of noxious goo vary for different campaigns make up for its death rough terrain,! Sharing information: whenever you control multiple creatures, there is n't biggest... Then choose to gain this ability is certainly amusing, it wo n't get scent whenever you multiple. A Grab striker to teach additional tricks those with the GM ’ s loyalty and.! Less Charisma limited selection of available feats until it reaches 3 intelligence identifying spells is essential! Ll have to recruit a new cohort flesh to stone ( caster level equals basilisk’s HD instead... Have any effect on a charge might even be a passable overrun mount a slightly slower speed! Great force are acceptable, but it 's fairly poor choice a clear warning sign to any skill anyone observes! Specifics of controlling a cohort has an animal on it when selecting your animal companion, you might be to. Combat maneuver, except its origins are far weirder hearts of most who encounter them the on... Particualrly useful feats venom, giving it a potentially viable mount, the dimetrodon any. In water, dolphins are n't very interesting items are also links to the animal companion ’ s tail Trip! Horned cattle are represented by the druid gains a poison right from level 1 hearts of most encounter! To help you you can gain the grappled condition while using its tongue animal companion pathfinder.

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